Introducing the Music Roundup

Today, we’re excited to share our newest roundup with you: the Taproot Edmonton Music Roundup.

Each week we bring together the latest headlines, concert announcements, and other updates to help you stay up-to-date on what’s happening in Edmonton’s music community. You’ll get the latest on the artists, venues, promoters, and everyone else that makes Edmonton’s music scene so vibrant. Sign up here to get the Music Roundup delivered to your inbox.

As with our Tech Roundup, the goal of the Music Roundup is to save you time, keep you informed, and satisfy your curiosity. We sift through all of the information that’s constantly being shared to determine which is important and worthy of your time. Then we add some context to help you make sense of it all.

We? I really mean Sandra Sperounes, who is curating and writing the Music Roundup. For 18 years, Sandra was the music writer for The Edmonton Journal. You can now hear her on the airwaves as the entertainment columnist for CBC Radio’s Edmonton AM. She’s also one of the co-creators of EDMOjis, an app of emojis inspired by Edmonton, now available for iPhones and Android, and the co-host of the semi-regular podcast, Agnes + Sandra’s Three-Way, with Agnes DeMarco.

Sandra is the perfect person to curate the Music Roundup, and we’re thrilled to be working with her! Each week you’ll benefit from her experience and passion for music in Edmonton.

Here is the first edition published on July 12, 2018 as an example:

We’ll publish the Music Roundup for Taproot Members and subscribers first, each Thursday morning, with social media shares to follow later. You can see the latest edition here. Let us know what you think! Your feedback will help us improve the roundup and make it even more useful.

You can read the Music Roundup for free, because we believe good stories should reach as many people as possible. Taproot Members get it first though, and will have access to the full Music Roundup archive and other benefits. You can join Taproot as a paying member or a free subscriber here.

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