Introducing the Tech Roundup

Today, we’re excited to share our latest initiative with you: the Taproot Edmonton Tech Roundup.

Each week we bring together the latest tech headlines and upcoming events to help you stay up-to-date on what’s happening in Edmonton’s tech community. You’ll get the latest on the entrepreneurs, investors, startups, incubators, and everyone else helping to shape the local tech ecosystem. Sign up here to get the Tech Roundup delivered to your inbox.

There’s lots of information being shared every day, via email newsletters, on Twitter, in news releases, on LinkedIn, and elsewhere. But how do you find it all? How do you know what’s trustworthy? What’s important to know and what can be skipped? That’s where the Tech Roundup comes in. Our goal is for the Tech Roundup to save you time, keep you informed, and satisfy your curiosity.

As you might know, we have experimented with roundups already. Last summer we published the #YEGFringe Daily Digest, and in the weeks leading up to the municipal election, we published the Edmonton Election Update. The feedback on both was positive and encouraging! Combined with the experience we have writing roundups elsewhere about media, blogs, podcasts, food, and general news & events, we know that a collection of updates on a topic of interest can be very useful indeed.

Roundups are another way for us to provide value and tell curiosity-driven stories. We’ll continue to publish local stories based on the curiosity of our members as resources allow.

The Tech Roundup is currently being curated and written by me, Mack Male. We’ll publish it for Taproot Members and subscribers first, each Tuesday morning, with social media shares to follow later. You can see the latest edition here. Let us know what you think! Your feedback will help us improve the roundup and make it even more useful.

You can read the Tech Roundup for free, because we believe good stories should reach as many people as possible. Taproot Members get it first though, and will have access to the full Tech Roundup archive and other benefits. You can join Taproot as a paying member or a free subscriber here.

We plan to roll out roundups on other local topics in the months ahead, so stay tuned.

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