Meet Taproot Edmonton’s new reporter

We’re thrilled to introduce you to Colin Gallant, the latest addition to Taproot Edmonton’s growing editorial team.

Colin joins Taproot as a reporter to help us publish original stories about what’s going on in our city. He was previously an editor at Avenue magazine in Calgary, served as co-editor-in-chief at The Calgary Journal, and worked at BeatRoute magazine. Colin studied journalism at Mount Royal University in Calgary.

"My favourite thing about being a journalist is that it gives you permission — nay, encouragement! — to be as nosy as you like," Colin says. "I’m half-kidding, but I am glad that being a Taproot reporter gives me a licence to become an expert on all things Edmonton."

Colin Gallant is Taproot Edmonton’s newest reporter. (Mack Male)

Colin is off to a great start on that, filing stories about the end of Edmonton’s NextGen, how local startup Maggie aims to empower women, and the impact of the provincial budget on municipalities.

Originally from Nova Scotia, Colin has called both Calgary and Edmonton home. He enjoys the off-leash areas of Mill Creek Ravine with his two dogs, cycles as his preferred mode of transportation (he describes himself as a certified NUMTOT), and is a big fan of the chicken from Seoul Fried Chicken.

"I love that Edmonton has several pyramids," he adds.

Hear more about Colin and his thoughts on public art in Episode 212 of Speaking Municipally.

Welcome to the team, Colin!

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